This piece represents setting out on a journey. I imagine the music being played at the beginning of a game, and it could probably be an overworld theme in an RPG if I removed the intro/outro and made it loop.

I focused heavily on form and structure with this piece. A lot of thought went into using motifs, orchestral texture, and harmonic progressions to make a cohesive whole. For example, the intro foreshadows the main theme by using melodic fragments that will later come into play. The intro simultaneously foreshadows the middle section of the piece in that it uses some of the same chord sequences and very similar orchestration. There are lots of little things like that in here is you listen for them. 🙂

I also had a lot of fun with some of the harmonies in here. The harp run toward the end is in lydian dominant. There are also some minor chords with major sevenths.