NGADM 2013 – Round One

The 2013 Newgrounds Audio Death Match has begun!

For this competition, over 230 musicians submitted what they thought to be the best piece that they’ve ever written. The top 64 submissions were then chosen to be put into a tournament bracket to determine the best composer on all of Newgrounds. Last year, I was fortunate enough to have received 3rd place.

I’ve made it into the top 64 and have been pitted up against Lashmush for the first round. His piece has some pretty sick guitar work, and the production value is very high.

Here is the piece that I wrote. It’s heavily inspired by JRPG and anime music!

Finally, and most importantly, thank you SO much to all of the people following my music! There are now over 800 fans following me on Newgrounds, and there are more on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and SoundCloud. The encouraging reviews, personal messages, and comments that I’ve received have meant more than anyone could know. My fans have been the driving force that has kept me energized and inspired to keep composing and uploading music.

You guys are the best!

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  • Summer Garcia on

    I love your music, Trevor. You’re a one man orchestra! Brilliant mind. Love you buddy.

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